Cat Adoption Centre

cat adoption

Paws United Charity launched its Cat Adoption Centre in February 2020, the establishment is the charity’s first adoption centre focusing on re-homing cats of all ages. The adoption centre is located at the animal-friendly mall the pulse in Repulse Bay (Shop 210, 28 Beach Road, Repulse Bay, Hong Kong) and open daily from 11am-6pm.

Paws United believes the adoption centre will further help rescue more cats in Hong Kong by providing a half-way home and adequate medical care for homeless animals. The adoption centre will feature a main cage-free room for easy socialization, and a few other separate cages for cats who require special attention (e.g. young kittens, shy cats etc.). Cats with medical issues will be individually arranged into foster homes for around-the-clock care and to prevent spreading on to healthy cats. There will be on-site volunteers daily to guide potential adopters through the adoption process to ensure both adopters and cats are well-prepared for the lifelong journey. The adoption fee for each cat is HKD $1,800, which includes de-sex procedure.

The centre’s vision is to provide the animals with the best wellness possible, with sponsored grain-free food by Canidae and organic/environmentally-friendly/non-animal testing cleaning products by YOPE.

With the charity expanding, Paws United is currently looking for more cat-loving volunteers to join the team! Interested parties, please email for more information.

香港慈善組織 Paws United Charity宣布成立首間貓貓領養中心,為被遺棄或流浪的貓貓尋找領養家庭。領養中心位於寵物友善的淺水灣商場The Pulse香港淺水灣海灘路28號201號舖),於2020年2月1號正式開幕予公眾及傳媒人士參觀。開放時間是每天早上10時至晚上7時。

Paws United相信隨著開設領養中心,配合適當的醫療照顧,機構將能拯救更多流浪貓。中心內設有一間讓貓貓自由活動的房間,讓訪客可以和貓貓互動。他們也設置獨立貓籠,以便照顧幼貓、比較害羞的貓貓等等。而有醫療需要的貓貓,即會被安排入住暫托家庭,好讓她們得到全天候照顧,也能保障其他貓貓的健康。領養中心由義工運作,並和準領養家庭講解手續,讓他們能為這個一輩子的承諾做足準備。每隻貓貓的領養費用為港幣$1,800,並包括絕育手術費用。

Paws United 貓貓領養中心致力給予貓貓最好的照顧,並獲得Canidae贊助無殼物配方貓糧和YOPE贊助有機天然/環保/無動物實驗的清潔用品。

隨著機構的擴展,Paws United 需要更多愛貓義工加入團隊!如有興趣,請電郵 索取更多資訊。