Animals for Adoption

Adopt a dog or cat in search of a forever home.

Dog Adoption Form/領養犬隻申請表: click here
Cat Adoption Form/領養貓隻申請表: click here

Interested parties, please contact us at / +852 91302919 with any questions, or fill in our adoption form with your details below and our team can assist in finding the right animal for you.

Please also refer to our Return Policy, in any circumstance that you cannot care for the animal anymore.

如有興趣領養貓狗,請電郵至 或致電 +852 91302919以索取更多資訊。你亦可填妥及提交以下的領養申請表,Paws United 團隊會致力為你尋找合適的毛孩。

如有任何情況你無法再繼續飼養從 PUC 領養的動物,請参考我們的退還政策