Paws United x YOPE

YOPE offers a range of all-natural products: bathroom and kitchen soaps with complementary body and hand lotions, hand creams, shampoo, candles and cleaning products. YOPE’s strength lies in carefully selected product compositions developed in collaboration with dermatologists. YOPE will donate 50% of all sales made at our Cat Adoption Centre.

YOPE產品採用源自波蘭的純天然植物成份,以天然、低敏為主,不含對羥基苯甲酸、SLS、 SLES、 PEG等化學成份,並經由專業的化妝師和皮膚專科醫生嚴密把關,適合兒童或過敏皮膚人士使用。多元化的產品包括潤手霜、身體潤膚乳、肥皂等護理產品及清潔用品。當中零售價的一半會捐贈予寵聯慈善協會。

  • 500ml Hand Soap (Vanilla & Cinnamon or Fig Trees) (HK$128)
  • 400ml Hands Wash for Kids (Pineapple & Coconut) (HK$138)
  • 750ml Bathroom Cleaner (Green Tea or Bamboo) (HK$88)
  • 750ml All Purpose Cleaner (Green Tea or Bamboo) (HK$88)
  • 750ml Natural Cleaner for Windows & Mirrors (HK$88)
  • 1000ml Floor Cleaner (Lavender or Bamboo) (HK$98)