What can I do about my balcony?

Obviously, cats should never be allowed out onto a balcony. Some cats are cautious about heights, but others can be instantly distracted by a bird or insect flying past, and will jump to catch it without even thinking about how high up they are.

Windows need nets because windows usually stay open for a long time. Balconies – which are mostly used for drying laundry, a quick smoke, or growing some pot plants – might need to be accessed now and then, but there is not usually any reason for the balcony door to be kept open, like you would keep a window open.

That means it’s easier to accept that a careful, caring owner can shut their cat safely in a bedroom before opening – and then closing – the balcony door. Of course, the caring, careful owner must be sure to do this every time the balcony is accessed.

However, if you’re the type who likes to keep the balcony door open, it is possible to have sliding mesh doors fitted. Some of our adopters have done just that, with the help of local engineering firms.

Having a balcony does not rule out adoption, but we will talk about it with you in some detail.